Guest Pinnage – Sarah (& Martha’s) Doily Wreath

A little perusing on facebook the other day turned up trumps when I came across a beautiful bit of crafting. Our friend Sarah is tres creative, and here is her lovely take on a Martha classic :)

“I love wreaths. I spotted this beautiful doily wreath  a couple years back and ‘pinned’ it as a mental note (I don’t think I had Pinterest then) to HAVE TO make one day. That Martha never ceases to give me craft-envy.


I’m stoked that I finally did it in time for this Christmas, so here’s my um… I think cheaper and easier version.

. IMG_2760

I used:
– polystyrene wreath 50 cm in outer diameter, 7 cm width (from one of the craft emporiums)
– string of lights, mine was battery operated and about 2-3 metres from first bulb to last (K-mart)
– various paper doilies, about 30-40 or more depending on how you want it to look (I used small ones from the $2-shop and a Japanese dollar-mart, plus some larger ones too. I’ve noticed online party shops stock really beautiful ones for a good price.)
– tape, for sticking down the lights
– pins, for pinning down the doilies to the polystyrene
– extra bits of sheer white fabric, (Used it to ‘dull’ the lights from the bulbs a bit if they were sticking out too brightly, as mine were LED lights. Totally not necessary but I had some from a previous wreath, which actually originated from my wedding dress!)

Martha uses a wire base for the wreath but I didn’t know where to get one easily, plus I was happy to reuse my polystyrene wreath base (is that what you call it?) from a previous one, so that’s what I started with. Because I used a rounded or more 3D wreath base, it looks quite different to the original.

Overall you probably get the idea of how I made it from looking at the list of things I used. Basically, I just taped the lights down, then pinned the doilies to the wreath. Some parts took me a few goes to get the look I wanted. 

Here are some close ups:


Couple different types of lacy doilies

IMG_2774Lights taped to wreath
IMG_2808Back of wreath with battery pack taped down! 

Overall really happy with how it looks.
For me finishing something is always an accomplishment. Honestly.

Merry Christmas!


Some other great doily Pinterest ideas are:

– More wreathing!- folding/scunching the paper doilies then pinning at the middle point to make a different kind of look like this. Totally was tempted to do this one too.

– Doily Lampshade- using old fabric doilies, you can do this…

– Simple paper doilies on string of fairy lights. (And you can get heart ones from shops like this if you are in NZ)

Thanks, Sarah!!!! Awesome job and beautiful ideas ^_^ Hx


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