#48 Embroidery hoop art

This has been a long time in the posting- I started a little project for Florrie’s room back in October and have finally put them up on her wall.

My inspiration was the Beatles song G sings to her when he’s getting her ready for bed, and a whole lot of embroidery hoop cuteness via pinterest:209910032602154109_Q1F9PH0H_c 220817187948987578_1gJhJVgN_c 247979523201666557_6DPJVXEl_c 35114072064920004_paxp4VM6_c

I really love doing more freestyle embroidery so this project was really easy and lovely to do, plus I like any craft I can do while curled up on the couch. Not that F needs any encouragement to sleep (she’s a bit of weirdo in that department), but I hope she likes it as she gets older.DSC_0759 DSC_0762-001DSC_0760 DSC_0757-001

{You can see the rest of the room and the butterfly mobile here}

xx Ruth


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