#47 DIY Christmas baby shots

Way too many cute Christmassy baby photos on pinterest!77194581083702441_YKLUAcfa_c70791025364379353_V4FZBJne_c 229120699762634509_Xd5eF9TJ_cI saw a particular one a while ago and finally got around to trying it with Florence, with mixed results as you’ll see! Here is the original:Image

Well, here’s what I learnt: a) you need someone else there to get baby’s attention and conjur up the smiles, b) don’t try this when baby is tired and/or hungry, and c) I’m not really that good at using my DLR camera, I’m sure I should be doing fancy stuff with shutter etc but I’m pretty much pointing and shooting!

Also after reviewing the original I think I had F too close to the lights, they don’t have the lovely blurred effect like in the pinterest one.The Christmas dress looks good though, thanks Grandma! xx

So here are some of my feeble attempts! The set up:DSC_0697-002She’s keen but the lighting wasn’t quite right….DSC_0710-004Something to distract while I fiddle with curtains etc….DSC_0701-003 Funny face!DSC_0704-003Ok, now we’re getting somewhere….DSC_0718-003Best of a bad lot?DSC_0721-002 DSC_0730-002Then I moved her further away from the lights to get the out of focus sparkles thing going on, but before I could change the lighting on her…
DSC_0667-001She’d had enough!DSC_0728-002

Oh well. Here are some photos from our more successful autumnal photo shoot last month instead:DSC_0426-001 DSC_0501-001 DSC_0476-001 xx R + F


One thought on “#47 DIY Christmas baby shots

  1. It’s all about using the widest possible aperture to get that background blur Ruth. Wide aperture (ie smallest f-number) = shallow focal length (ie the depth of stuff in the picture that’s actually in focus). X

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