#46 Rudolph and his (cardboard) friends

All Hallows Bow had their annual Christmas Fayre this past Saturday, and Colin and I were running a couple of stalls – partly to sell some Sweet Notions wares, partly to make some spare room in the spare room.

We didn’t make enough to retire on, but we did have a lot of fun and ate a lot of Christmassy cupcakes.522623_10152288841475136_2095414655_nHere’s my favourite selling off some SN jewellery donations. What a champ! You can just see some silk scarf recovered lampshades in the background, plus my book page bunting.

There’s always a “Santa’s grotto” at the fayre, and this year we were on decorating duty. With some helpers, donated decos, and dark chocolate digestives, here’s what we ended up with:.531854_10152288841480136_1024820343_n

I’d seen this cardboard reindeer pin on Pinterest, and thought the grotto was the perfect excuse to make them. .Here are the directions and templates – they’re super easy.

Colin was really kind and helped me make these in my sickly state. We used quite thick cardboard and were making 9 of them (had forgotten there were so many of those darn reindeer!) so did a slightly slapdash job, but I think they turned out alright!479750_10152288839420136_842243226_n.

I didn’t have nine wreaths, so just stuck with swinging names tags for all 8 regulars, and then Rudolph got a speesh little adornment. My fear was that it would look more “Santa’s Hunting Lodge” than Santa’s grotto, but I was reassured that no kids believed the reindeer had been killed and mounted. Job done!

Holly x


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