Spots + Dots

Been a quiet few days on Twinterest. What with Florence going through a moody teenager phase (at the grand old age of 8.5 months) and me being constantly nauseous/migrainey for the last week, blogging hasn’t really been a priority…

But I’d thought I post this pic from last week  – we spent some time with our friend Jenn (she of the tie dye nails); eating sushi, solving the world’s relational problems, stitching Christmas pressies, and getting spotty:.

These were done using the same technique as the other spotty nail looks I’ve tried – base colour, then using a pinhead, or straightened kirby grip in this case, to dot on additional colour/s.

I’m really enjoying being creative with nails these days. It’s a fun, cheap, quick way to be expressive, plus I kind of like the temporary-ness of it. I’m never not going to get my hands dirty because of my nails, so it’s kinda like a pop-up hand gallery!

Here’s some other spotted/dotted goodness that caught my eye on Pinterest:102175485266223063_cKp88k45_c

11962755230134480_F3s6V0Vx_c44824958762777427_w2ZlPVfp_cOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.25121710391804244_hKzxZMAf_cThe sweet spot!

Holly x


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