#45 Repurposed (Christmassy!) baby leggings

Florence has her own little uniform of leggings and onsies, I can’t get enough of them…and now I can make my own! How amazing is the fabric from this pin? Love it.Image

So…last year Holly gave me a rather natty pair of leggings for Christmas. I love a festive themed clothing gift as much as the next person, but sadly these never made the move from present to personal apparel….happily the fabric was perfect for turning into something else that would be worn- hooray for repurposing.

First up I simply cut the bottom of the legs off, hemmed the top…and hey presto- adult leg warmers!Image

This blog has a BRILLIANT tutorial for baby leggings, all my old t-shirts from here on in are being made into leggings (if you want to do skirts instead see our previous post about jersey baby skirts).

Using a double needle as she mentions in the blog will make such a difference to your jersey sewing. Make sure you also pull gently as you sew so that the final product with retain it’s stretch (especially important with waistbands for little pot-bellies!)

I made a pair for Florrie’s little buddy Annabelle:Image

…and enjoyed it so much I made another pair for F, and a quick and easy applique heart with some left over material. This onsie is one of many I seem unable to remove a stain from. Am I feeding F the wrong food, or am I using the wrong washing machine setting?! Thankfully pinterest had a few ideas for covering them like this one.ImageImage

Cute! xR

p.s- here’s another good pinterest idea for stained baby clothes: a memory quilt!



2 thoughts on “#45 Repurposed (Christmassy!) baby leggings

  1. Love the outfit! Great work :) Also amused to notice ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ are advertising on your blog (appears on my screen at the bottom of your post). Cheeky! xx

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