#44 Snickers dessert in a jar

So you may have picked up that Holly and I both have moderate to severe peanut butter addictions. After a week off the blog there’s nothing better than a pb fuelled post to get back into it.

I love seeing all the cute cakes in a jar on pinterest:ImageImageImage

The last one caught my eye as it was more of a dessert in a jar, so I did my best to combine the jar idea with my favourite/go to dessert: peanut butter chocolate (non bake) cheesecake…with a secret ingredient!

As it fits my three food critera (easy, yummy and cheap- <£3 all up), I’ve been making this for awhile now (from this site), and I love telling people after they’ve eaten it that the main ingredient is Tofu! Seriously though it’s the perfect cheesecake filler, takes on any flavour but makes it much lower in calories than cream cheese etc, and sets so well. Try this dessert and your anti-tofu mind will be blown I promise! Silken tofu can be found at Asda and Sainsburys next to the soy mince/boxed mashed potato type products.

So here’s the basic recipe/instructions that I follow:

Crush half a pack of digestives with some melted butter and press into dish

Blend together a pack of silken tofu, 100g melted chocolate and 1/2 cup peanut butter until smooth.

Spread on top of base and refrigerate to set (about an hour). I also like to put cut up Snickers on mine and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Here’s how it looked after a jar makeover, it was definitely a fun way to display and serve  dessert for friends (and a good way to recycle all those peanut butter jars!)

There are more recipes (and yummy photos) for jar cakes here.



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