Guest Pinnage – Nailed it! Tie Dye + Polkas

Remember that time I attempted the Tie Dye nails pin, and ended up looking like I’d had some horrible blender incident??Oh dear.

Well our super great friend Jennifer sent me her, er, rather more successful interpretation of Tie Dye nails. Not only is she good at actually taping her nails to  avoid the attractive look above, she’s also awesome at putting photos together in a little 4 step montage!Seriously, awesome work Jenn! (Can you show me how to do that with photos? I am inept!!)

This look is not for the faint-hearted, but I don’t know anyone more suited to it than Jenn! Love it.

I did my own lil nail art this week too. Since the polka dot nail post, I’ve been meaning to try this look again but with some more subtle polka action. Here’s the result…I would say suitably Christmassy (any excuse!):As for the first time I tried polka dots, you simply dip a pinhead into your chosen dot colour and go for it! I used a smaller pin this time, which was easier to get more spherical circles with.

Keen to get some white nail polish, so I can attempt this one next!

But even I draw the lines with these ones!!

Holly x


3 thoughts on “Guest Pinnage – Nailed it! Tie Dye + Polkas

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