#43 Christmas Book Trees

A couple of months ago I went to an out-of-London car boot sale (read: a cheap one!) and got all sorts of bargains. Because we were there at the end of the morning, a couple of sellers were giving things away free so that they didn’t have to take them home….whoop! I got a free lil Christmas tree, but also a big stack of old books.

Now some people may feel it’s sacrilege to chop up old books for craft, but I was never going to read these particular books (“Hemphill Minor, anyone?”), so decided it was ok.

So far I’ve managed to….

– cover my uni folder:

– leave propaganda around the house to remind Colin why we’re married:– and cover a dress form to display things on our upcoming Sweet Notions Christmas market stall:But the most recent project was some book trees I saw on Pinterest.The full tutorial can be found here at Creative “Try”als. They’re easy enough to make, although for one of my trees (I made two) the book pages are too thick so the folds annoyingly unfolded. I glued the folds down in the end, but I don’t it looks as good as the nice thin pages with their crisp folds!

This is a nice quick project and looks pretty darn cute! I’ve sat these atop little tealight holders for some height, plus my *very* accurate cutting means they’re may or may not be a little wobbly when standing up on a larger flat surface…

Voila!We’d love to do some Christmas guest posts, so do get in touch if you’re making anything crafty and want to share it!!

Holly x


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