#42 Christmas Felt Fun

“Christmas time! Mistletoe and (mulled) wine! Children (aka, me) singing Christian rhyme!”

I know it’s only November 19th but Colin has given me permission to start the Christmas decorating, and that’s good enough for me!

Over the last week I’ve done three mini Pinterest projects – all made of felt. Granted all three could definitely be done as non-Christmas crafts too, but I’ve made them so!

Numbero uno: The Felt Bow.

Here’s the orig pin from I heart Naptime:This was a super easy project and hardly took any time. I didn’t use a glue gun, as per the instructions, but sewed mine together instead. Kinda wished I’d used green thread there, but hey ho!Numbero two-o: The Felt Garland.

No instructions for this one as it’s from an Etsy seller, but it’s dead easy: cut circles, sew together in a long line, string up! Here’s my garland in situ with the world’s most bedraggled mini Christmas tree (thank you Chichester car boot sale man for the freebie!) And here’s my Colombian nativity family lovin’ the garland:
Numbero three-o: The Felt Owl

I got this idea from The Juicy Bits, via PinterestI want to make a whole family of these guys, but I just started out with one, especially because I need to get some ric-rac and proper eye appropriate buttons! Here’s my first attempt:He’s a bit blacksheepofthefamily this guy – will do some different colours next time!

I really like crafting with felt – it’s super easy, doesn’t fray, and is relatively cheap. Here’s some recent felt craft Ruth has done too :) I also made my own version of Nick’s Watch this week, this time for my other nephew Barney.

At our Creative Cafe here in Bow last Tuesday my friend Alex was also making felt Christmas decorations. Anyone else getting in on the felt action this Christmas? If so, send us some pics!!

Holly x


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