#41 Re-purposed Frame Tutorial

I’m going to attempt a little tutorial here for a project which has been all over Pinterest: a framed shopping/to-do list. I’ve given mine a magnetic twist as you’ll see below.

Here are some pinterest pics to give you the basic idea-ImageImageImageI really like the calendar idea, or could be cute to have a frame per family member.

So it’s pretty simple but here’s a step by step guide-

What you’ll be needing: A frame (with glass!), paper (not too dark or you won’t be able to see your writing), flat magnets, glue…and a whiteboard marker for writing your lists/notes on when you’re finished.Image

First up cut your paper to fit the frame, write or print on whatever you please; “to-do”, “don’t forget to…”, “pretty please:”Image

If you don’t want to make your frame magnetic then, congratulations, this project is now finished, go hang it somewhere useful! If you want to be able to stick receipts, vouchers, random papers that you feel you should keep onto it, then keep reading!

Figure out where you’ll be placing your magnet/s on the frame and glue as required:Image

Attach magnets face side down (i.e the side that touches the fridge should be facing out).Image

While you wait for the glue to dry you could make your own magnets. So easy: use a hot glue gun (or strong liquid glue) to attach small magnets to the back of some buttons (we’ve all got plenty of those lying around).Image

Hang it up and you’re done!ImagexxRuth


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