#40 S’more brownie slice

Who doesn’t like s’mores?! Our dad traveled to America quite often when we were kids and would bring us back graham crackers and Hersheys chocolate – exotic food to us growing up in little old New Zealand!


I wanted to make something s’mores inspired for a fireworks party this weekend, and of course pinterest came up trumps with s’moreish ideas:


I decided to go for a s’mores inspired brownie cake from this yummy blog:Image

This one is made using packet mixes, so with a few changes here is my version, step by step-

1) The Biscuit: I lined the bottom of a roasting dish with a packet of plain sweet biscuits Image

2) The Chocolate: Spread brownie mix onto biscuits (I use a never-fail, fantastic recipe from our amazing friend Kay -see bottom of this post). Image

Once the brownie was cooked and cooled I turned it out of the tin and cut it into pieces using the biscuits as a guide. I did this to make it easier to cut the slice and serve as we would be eating this cold later in the evening. This would be so delish to eat hot straight from the tin though! So here’s what the bottom looked like:Image

4) The Marshmallows: I used mini marshmallows arranged on the top of each slice as I wanted a neater presentation (and there were no big marshies at Sainsburys!). They went back into the oven for a couple of minutes until the tops were browned. Yummy!


 Kay’s “world’s most amazing choc brownie” Brownies:

Ingreds: 1 cup cocoa

                   200g butter

                   2 cups sugar

                   4 eggs

                   1 teaspoon vanilla essence

                   2/3 of a cup plain flour 

                   1 teaspoon baking powder

                   200g choc chips

Method: Sift cocoa into large bowl, add melted butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla and mix to a smooth paste.

Sift in flour and baking powder, and mix in choc chips.

Pour into lined and greased roasting dish and bake for approx 50mins at 150.c

This recipe is only one for Brownies I’ve used for 5 years, and it hasn’t failed me yet!


*Note from Holly* – I made these brownies yesterday and burnt them by mistake (that’s what happens when you try to bake brownies and dye your hair at the same time!) Managed to redeem them by turning them into truffles – so yummy! Forgot to take a photo, but here’s the site I used – the very cute I heart Nap Time (although so easy you don’t need a recipe…) x


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