#39 Necklace mobile

Craft doesn’t get much more satisfying than a cute little project from someone else’s broken cast-offs, one girl’s trash can become another girl’s treasure! A few weeks ago I had some lovely friends around for a girly evening and clothes swap, at the end we sifted through a box of jewellery which included a (broken) metal butterfly necklace:Image

I’ve already made a mobile for nappy changing distraction purposes in the bathroom, but wanted a simple one for her room above the cot. To turn the necklace into a mobile I removed the chain links and tied a length of nylon fishing line to each butterfly. To hang them off I cut the wire loops out from one of these basic paper lampshades:Image

Getting the two wire loops balanced was a bit tricky, to avoid this you could use just one loop (I’ve seen mobile using wooden embroidery hoops- good idea if you’ve got a spare one handy!). Here it is:ImageImage

And, as always, a little added pinspiration:Image

Movember mobile?!Image xxRuth


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