Our Wedding – a Pinterest reflection…

Happy six monthversary to my increds husband/love/bestie/cheerleader, Colin. Hard to believe that crazy awesome wedding times only happened 6 months ago. Feels like we’ve been married for yonks/a few days – in the best possible way.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I’d reflect back on how Pinterest inspired me for various wedding thangs. I joined Pinterest not long after we got engaged, and found so many ideas there, as opposed to wedding mags and other sites. Tres helpful, and such a good way of storing pics to refer back to later/show interested b’maids and mothers!

So, here’s a little visual list of all the ideas I first found or cemented in my own mind, via Pinterest. First is the Pinterest version, followed by our versh – all of our photos by Anderson Photography:

Beauty – Two of my beautiful sisters rocked the braid and bun look – they looked so awesome!


I put my wonderful hairdresser, Chris from Slaughterhouse, through the mill a bit – I changed my mind a few times about my hair and sprung the above style on him on the actch wedding day. He was a champ though and delivered the goods:


The Bridesmaids dresses was a bit of a sitch in the end. I really wanted grey chiffon numbers of some description, and was keen in the beginning on each of my four gals wearing a different dress. Charity shops, vintage shops, ebay, and various malls later, I’d bought 14 dresses….the final four were from H&M in the end! Two + Two:


I had a few ideas of what I wanted for my dress, but I ended up finding mine before I’d really got stuck into Pinterest! After I’d bought one, I really tried not to look at pictures of dresses online or in mags. It’s waaaaay too easy to doubt your decisions or compare yourself/what you have with other bride-to-bes out there, so I told myself I’d made the right decision and focussed on other things instead! It didn’t mean that I never had any wobbles about my dress, but on the day itself I felt so fab :D


I’ve always been a big fan of banners, and before the wedding I was also a wee bit obsessed with chevrons, so we had a lot of banners, chevrons, and then polka dots thrown into the mix! We didn’t have a super strict theme, but I was going for spring colours of sage green, off white, burlap and grey:

I don’t have any photos of our invites (just tried to take them but my phone cam made the colour look lame, and I don’t want to do our amazing designer/bro-in-law a diservice!), but I was inspired by these Pinny invites:…plus some chevron action//

We did fill in the blanks for our rsvp cards – I’d seen this idea years ago and logged it away for the the future. We absolutely loved getting them in the mail in the weeks leading up to the wedding and having a laugh about some of the responses. As you can see in the pic below, we then displayed them at the evening reception for guests to read.


I have a real thing for info-heavy wedding programmes! I really like to know who is who, but always want to know more – why did they choose that song? Who’s that doing the reading? When do I stand up/sit down/cheer?

So we decided to do just that for our service – I typed up the order of service, printed it out, and then basically just drew, wrote, and scribbled all over it!I particularly wanted to point out who all our family members were, and who was in the bridal party. As some of my fam were travelling from NZ and the US, and lots of our friends hadn’t met our families before, we wanted to make it clear who was who!I think it came to about 18 pages in the end. Here are a few of the other pages (soz for terrible photos..)

Food&Drink stuff

I really loved all the cakey/food aspects of our wedding. My bmaid Leanne and I did all the little banners for the afternoon tea goodies that various wonderful friends provided.


Our cake was a blatant rip-off from an idea I saw on Pinterest – I showed it to my v talented friend Beki, and she was totally up for it. I was so delighted when I saw it on the day. Beki and Caroline, another friend who worked with Beki, did such a great job :)

We also had a cupcake decorating competition in the evening, so the general flag/banner-ness continued throughout the day:

//Leanne and I (plus other friends and fam who were roped in) spent a good few hours turning some plain jane white cups for the afternoon tea into something jazzier. We got pretty darn good at sponging spots!!

Our florist Kerris, from Blue Dove Weddings, was simply amazing! I had a pretty clear idea of what I was after and she delivered well and truly. I really liked the idea of flowers in jars and bottles everywhere, and in the end we had them down the aisle, at the front of church, on the reception tables, the Bar, the windowsills, in the bathrooms…it was awesome! I love having little posies everywhere, and still do that at home when Colin buys me flowers. Always reminds me now of Kerris and the wedding!Kerris also did all of the buttonholes and bouquets


Our evening meal was a delicious vegetarian feast by the lovely Buki at Buki’s Kitchen. The food even just sounded delicious, so I asked Leanne to write it all out for guests to see, since we weren’t doing menu cards. This old window was from our house, so it was fun to do some upcycling there! Love this so much I’m planning on putting it on the wall in the house.


I don’t think we got a professional shot of the evening bar, but I copied the above letters and they sat in situ on the night.I also did covered letters for the head table – these are now up in our bedroom at home//

Our lovely friend Anya did the initial work to create our guest tree, and then our family and friends’ thumbprints did the rest!

//Everyone loves pom poms! I enlisted the help of (many) peeps to make 30-40 grey and green pom poms for the evening reception. They are simple enough to make but do take a while. More fun with company! They looked great in the old church where we had our reception, and I was really pleased with how they turned out.Other bits & bobsRuth made the sweet little rosettes for our nephews Nick and Barney. Nick very cutely referred to his as “Nick’s sparkles” ^_^


It was fun to look back over our photos and remember again how much craftiness went into the day. I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT have done all of that without the help of so many family membs and friends (thankyouthankyouthankyou). I actually really enjoyed making/doing/planning all those bits, but it did help that I had a month off before the wedding :P

Colin was really amazing about letting me create and take charge over the aesthetic side of the day. I did have a few times when it all got a bit much though, which leads me to a little philosophizing to round off the post…

Whilst  Pinterest was amazing for ideas, there was also a moment where I reached saturation point. You simply cannot do everything you see online/in magazines/at other people’s weddings/in your own mind! Every couple is unique, and so is every couple’s shindig. If you are planning a wedding, go ahead and look for lots of ideas, but once you’re decided on a vibe, just enjoy it and really try hard not to compare yourself to others – either in real life or those you’ve never met! I did at times and it was really hard for me!

It was really important for me to have a crafty side to the wedding day, but FAR more important that we were a) married for all the right reasons, b) surrounded by the people we care about and vice versa, and c) that they loved and enjoyed the day. I definitely reached a point where I stopped looking online as I knew I was starting to get obsessed by it all (sorry to Ruth & Leanne particularly on that one!), and also because I didn’t want to compare myself anymore to other brides/grooms and what they had done at their weddings (I do realise the irony that I am now sharing about my wedding online, but you know what I mean!)

Weddings seem to have become such an industry, an expensive, high pressure industry at that, when it really should be an expression of who will be there on the day – the bride and groom, and the people they love. Our wedding day was crazyfun, emotional, faith-full, crafty, random, vegetarian, DIY-y…just like us and our peeps (except for maybe the vege bit)!

Holly x


6 thoughts on “Our Wedding – a Pinterest reflection…

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  3. Wow Holly, this is the first time I have looked through all of the post about your wedding and it looked absolutely stunning! I had seen a couple of pics on fb etc but all together with your inspiration and your take on it makes for a really lovely read. Beautiful!

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