# 37 Felt flowers and woolly little projects

Felt and wool are my main craft loves.  Here are two wintery little projects that combine the two.

First up is a headband for Florrie. I found this interesting “Tunisian” crochet technique on pinterest, it’s more like knitting than crochet really as the wool stays on the hook. You can use a normal hook but that is limiting to how big your piece will be (fine if you wanted to do small squares etc). The best tool is to use an Afghan hook (thanks Mum)  which is basically a knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end. Here is the link to the tutorial (cute website!) I found via pinterest, and this is how it looks-

Here is the finished headband with some quick felt flowers-

There’s more than enough felt floral inspiration on pinterest:

The flowers in the top photo are my new favourite felt project- I love them! Super easy tutorial– do it! Here are my ones:

 I did these same flowers again for the second pinterest inspired felt/wool project: a wool wrapped letter for a lovely little friend of F’s. I used the wool I had to hand, a bit bright?!, but I was pleased with how it looked. I made the letter 3D by placing some folded card in between the cut out letters, and wrapped it with duct tape before wrapping the wool around. This is the pin that was my inspiration:…and my next wool/felt creation idea?xxR


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