#35 Paperchase it ain’t

Leading up to the present-wrapping-lovers highlight of the year that is Christmas, I thought I’d try my hand at some pinteresting paper decorating techniques. Here are some pins to get us warmed up:

Think I’m going to do that last one this year dear family.

So here are the pins that inspired my kitchen based project: doily paint bag, potato and celery stamper

The bag worked out well, although my pink paint of choice didn’t give much of a contrast with the white bag. I didn’t have a large stencil so free handed the M-

I love the idea of using a cookie cutter to make potato (or sweet potato in my case as you can see below) stamps, this was so easy and would be a great project for kids. On the other hand I’m not sure how the celery people did theirs so well – no matter how much I dried the celery my paint just ended up watery and the whole thing looked kinda rubbish…not a great loss, I’ll stick to eating it with peanut butter instead!xxRuth

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One thought on “#35 Paperchase it ain’t

  1. M for Mabel!!! Such a pretty bag & the card was amazing, not to mention the lovely gift. Cards are being sent but for now thank you to you & Grae. I’m inspired by the brown paper wrapping too : ) xxx

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