#34 Pumpkins & Paper

Loving these Autumnal evenings, perfect for cosy nights in, and there is so much pinspiration for seasonal crafts:

This weekend we had our second annual pumpkin carving afternoon with friends. I had great plans to do the chevron painted pumpkin as above instead of carving my one but it looked pretty rubbish, painting on a bumpy globe is harder than it looks! Back to the carving plan then- G went for a union jack design and I did the R. They look pretty good:

..but how stunning are these ones from pinterest?! Makes my R look a bit childish!This one for Florrie next year? Cute!

And here’s Holly’s gold painted spotty mini pumpkin:

I wanted to get some leaves to do some decorating, but typical british weather means they’re all pretty soggy at the moment so I did some paper ones instead. Loving our autumnal hearth!



One thought on “#34 Pumpkins & Paper

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