#33 Slow cookin’

I love my slowcooker! Ok so that’s not me, just someone else who clearly loves her slowcooker! And who can argue with that – you can have dinner sorted before breakfast! I’ve been trying out new recipes from pinterest and found this Taco chicken recipe– highly recommended and pretty economical.Ours didn’t look quite so neat but it was delish and plenty to go around:

And here is another classic which I now do (erm, about twice a week) in the slowcooker. The recipe is from New Zealand classic Destitute Gourmet. We’ve made this for 50 people before as it’s so easy to alter the quantities as you like (ok how often do you cook for 50 but you can at least double it for a freezer meal and save on cooking later). Also great if you’re feeling rich and want to add chorizo! Dinner in progress:

Slow cooker bread pins came up on pinterest and definitely caught my eye. I love making my own bread but keeping track of the rising process can be tedious. With the slow cooker you put the dough in straight after kneading, and 4 hours or so later you have risen and baked bread. Here’s the pinterest one (link and tips here):And mine: It looked pretty anaemic coming out of the slow cooker so I put it in the oven at gas mark 8 for 10 mins or so to brown the crust. Florence and I had a lovely lunch that day!And here’s my next plan from pinterest- straight from freezer to slow cooker!xx Ruth


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