Guest Pinnage – Autumnal Leaves

We almost need to give Sian her own page on Twinterest – she’s been crafting up a storm, and has already shared with us her crayon art and Sharpie mug, as well as a couple more I haven’t posted yet!

Today’s guest pinnage from Sian was inspired by this autumnal beauty on Pinterest:I know Sian through hub Colin – they are from the same town in Surrey, which has more than it’s fair share of beautiful foliage. Here’s Sian collecting leaves from the Winkworth Arboretum for her proj:

And here’s how it all went, from Sian:

“I went to the arboretum (where I first met you actually!) and was inspired by the autumnal colours to do my version. I like know it almost looks like the leaves are moving in the wind.

I painted a canvas in autumn colours and then picked a variety of leaves I liked the shape of and laid them on the painted canvas.

I used some blue tack to hold down some leaves but this left little marks so some sort of mount spray may have worked better.

I then spray painted gold over them so the leaves acted like stencils.”

Beautiful! Love it when a plan comes together ^_^ Inspired by Sian, I got some gold spraypaint yesterday to try my own one.

Thanks Sian!!

Holly x


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