Guest Pinnage – More Pretzels!

After Ruth’s recent foray into pretzels, our lovely friend Lucy also gave them a go!

Luce used a different recipe from Ruth and a diff technique too – Ruth stuck with plain baking, while Lucy rocked the boil+baking soda step pre baking. This step will give you a chewier pretzel, although Ruth’s tasted pretty darn good anyway!

The recipe Lucy used is from the Beeb’s Good Food, and here are the fab end results:From Lucy: “Inspired by your blog, I tried some of these myself using the baking soda dunk method. Very time consuming though but what better way to spend rest day before the run. Having not been to NYC myself, my love of pretzels stems from the more German variety so I went for the savoury options. Worked out really well with a crunchy outside and soft, chewy inside:)”

Thanks for sending us the pics Lucy! Pleased you took the creative route for your pre-half marathon carb loading!!

Holly x


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