#31 Twinterest craft day: & cushions

{Difficulty: easy / Time: 1hr / Materials: sewing machine, cushion insert, fabric, chosen applique material/design (leather, felt etc)}

Can you ever have enough cushions? A quick search on pinterest for ideas and I’m ready to cover every soft service in the house with new cushions:I think our mum probably wished she’d had this one to hand while we were growing up:This ampersand one caught our eye so on our recent Twinterest craft day (part 1 & part 2) we made a version each (like us: similar but different!) We made ours using some pseudo leather for the ampersand (pleather, if you will) – non-fraying fabric is much, much easier than trying appliqué around this shape. For the cover itself, pretty much any comfy fabric will do!

Here is Ruth’s version made from an old woollen blanket:

and here’s Holly’s from some cotton upholstery fabric:

And here are the cushions in their new homes:

Spot the diff between a real camera and a phone..!!

If you’re not sure where to start on a cover project of your own here is a really good, simple tutorial.



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