Guest pinnage – jersey knotted headband

Florence is our resident model here on Twinterest cos she’s, er, residing here in the UK, but I was delighted this morning when I logged into facebook to see that our gorgeous NZ-dwelling niece was also sporting some pinterest inspired headwear.

Charlotte’s mum, Libby (our sis-in-law) is a self-described “non-crafty person”, but I think the following photo proves two things:

a) she’s being modest/in denial about her latent crafting skills

b) Breretons make the cutest babies!

(love how it looks like Charlie is doing a self-take…”this’ll make a great profiler”)

From Libby: “I had fun doing it and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was for a non crafty person such as myself. The lady at the cafe even complimented it and said I could sell them…she obviously didn’t see the sewing at the back!” Looks pretty darn awesome to us, Libs!!

The excellent step by step tutorial that Ruth and Libby followed is here.

Super cute Charlie <3

Holly x


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