#29 In possession of a good mug

*Important public services announcement – really sorry about the shneaky ads disguised as links. I can’t figure out how to remove these! We don’t underline our links in this blog, so hopefully you’ll be able to tell the difference between a real link to somewhere exciting, and a sham link to somewhere dumb…sorry about that! Right, on with the show – Holly*

Oh la la, how about this for a delightful pinterest combo: craft+tea+Jane Austen!

This pin caught my eye for two reasons- a) the Mr Darcy factor (always eye-catching), and b) the ease of craft factor. This appears to be a very popular project right now, and I particularly liked this tutorial from the lovely abeautifulmess (which also happens to be the title of a rather catchy Diamond Rio song- we love a bit o’ country music here at Twinterest!).

Their version (the craft website one that is, not the band’s) would make a really cute gift idea:

I happened upon a plain mug in the cupboard and decided to stick with the Pride & Prejudice quote idea. Here’s my Mrs Bennett inspired mug during the baking process:

And the other side/quote in action:

In a nutshell? Write/draw on a clean mug with a sharpie, bake for 30mins at 180.c Apparently these are not dishwasher safe (mine has so far survived several normal hand washes without any problems).

Holly’s friend Sian (she of the amazing crayon canvas) has also tried this pin. Here is her cute version:

Definitely in the mood for some BBC P&P now!xx R


3 thoughts on “#29 In possession of a good mug

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