#28 Knotted headband & Jersey skirt

So back at blog #6 I posted about the joys of jersey. Here are two more projects.

First up the knotted headband, as seen on Pinterest:

This was a lovely quick project using some striped jersey of Hol’s. There is only a little sewing to fasten at the back (which could be done by hand so good for those without machines, or as per the tutorial you could glue it) so you could have this done and dusted in 10 minutes, quicker if you’re nifty with knots! Excellent step by step tutorial here. The finished project!-Check this kid out!

How could her dad say she looks like Professor Quirrell?!?

Second was the skirt which I found by searching for “easy baby” in Pinterest, also found was this picture:I’m pretty sure triplets would not be easy! Anyway here is the original picture and tutorial I followed here at deliacreates– this website is AMAZING.

I got the heart t-shirt gloriously free from Holly’s last clothes swap, and thanks to my grandma’s sewing machine which I’m very happily babysitting this was whipped up pretty quick. This has to be one of the most satisfying little projects ever. If you have a) any old t-shirts lying around, and b) a female child in anyway associated with you: you must make this! F has quite a few skirts at the moment so I made this a bit bigger, there was plenty of fabric left over so I made a rosette and a headband (hb not photographed sorry). And, ooooh, look here another easy jersey tutorial…

…no rest for the wicked, or the unused t-shirt! xxR


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