#27 Pretzels!

{Difficulty: Moderate/ Time: about 2 hours all up- quite time consuming rolling & twisting 40 pretzels / Materials: store-cupboard ingredients}

We love pretzels! I think the love affair dates from Holly’s year in Pennsylvania during high schoolThis was my first attempt making them myself, I used a prove/bake recipe rather than a boil/bake method.Wasn’t thrilled with the result, even though they did look good, they were lovely and cinnamony but lacked a proper pretzel texture. Any tips people?! My attempt:

I found my recipe here via Pinterest and quartered it for a smaller volume, but have since found much quicker looking recipes, and would definitely like to try the boil method and/or do the baking soda dunk prior to baking, as I’m guessing that is the trick for getting the pretzelly chew just right. Next time I think I’ll try this cinnamin/raisin number from tasteofhome.com

Anyway, enough of that bring on the Pinterest pretzel eye candy:And…pretzel braids!xx R


2 thoughts on “#27 Pretzels!

  1. Inspired by your blog, I tried some of these myself using the baking soda dunk method. Very time consuming though but what better way to spend rest day before the run. Having not been to NYC myself, my love of pretzels stems from the more German variety so I went for the savoury options. Worked out really well with a crunchy outside and soft, chewy inside:) Can’t seem to attach photos here so will leave some on your page.

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