#26 Twinterest craft day: hooded towel & phone bag

{Towel~ Difficulty: easy / Time: 1-2 hours / Materials: towel, cotton scrap strips, sewing machine.                                Phone bag~ Difficulty: no talent required! / Time: 15 mins / Materials: felt, fabric scraps, ribbon etc}

Here’s a couple of the quick crafts I made up last week on our twinterest craft day (as seen here).

First up a baby essential: the hooded towel. Looking forward to using it at F’s swimming session this week. So easy and super cute result.

Pinterest inspiration:And something a little trickier!-

Here is the tutorial I referred to at sew4home, but it wasn’t really required as this is a very straightforward project. I chose to bind my edges with cotton to give the towel some interest factor but you can just leave the edging plain to make it even quicker.

From this:

To this:Here’s little F and her towel-

Craft #2 of the day was a natty little bag to pop my phone in when it’s charging (about 3 times a day!) The plug sockets in the kitchen are above a radiator so I really liked this idea.

Pinterest inspiration:

This was quite fun as I felt like my 9 year old self again, making up a little fabric something on our grandma’s sewing machine in her sewing room…and actually the final product looks like something a 9 year old made up so there we go! I blame tension issues on Holly’s sewing machine….!

Here we go-
Next time (maybe one for the husband?!) I think I’d do this crochet version from pinterest:



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