#24 Stencil+sharpie cushion cover

Difficulty: Easy-peasy / Time: 1hr / Materials: Plain cushion cover, sharpie/fabric marker, stencil, Fleet Foxes

I’m not feeling very well today and so to cheer myself up/distract myself from my headachysnottyness/procrastinate doing the vacuuming, I thought I’d try something that’s been on my Pinterest radar for a while now.

Found this really easy way to jazz up and personalize a cushion cover:

Original idea and instructions from Wit & Whistle.

Here’s the plain jane cushion I started off with (can’t remember where this came from, but I think Colin brought it home from a tip trip once!):

I bought a stencil from an art supply place for a couple of quid, found a trusty Sharpie, and I was away laughing. I actually used a simpler method than the pin above – instead of using a pencil to outline each letter then filling in with sharpie, I simply used the sharpie with the stencil. I thought at first I would get bleeding or smudges on the fabric, but it was fine and dandy.

Decided to use a selection of quotes and song lyrics for my cush. A little soundtrack support from Fleet Foxes, and here’s the finished product:

Well pleased with that! And here’s a little shneak peek of another project I started yesterday – a quilt for Florence. Determined to finish this before the end of Oct – hold me to it!

And finally, a big thanks x2,000 for all your views and interest in our little twinterest project. We’ve now had 2,000 views, which is very exciting! We’re having a lot of fun doing this, and it’s really lovely to hear that others are getting inspired and enjoying reading the blog, so fanks! We’re v keen to do guest posts about your craft/baking/recipe/other-DIY adventures, so please do send us pics and info if you wanna.

Holly x


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