#23 Doll’s House DIY: it begins

I bought a house…a doll’s house! An absolute bargain at a local charity shop. I’ve seen them for £150+, I paid less for this than two coffees at starbucks, a worthy sacrifice for something I hope F will love, and I’ll have lots of fun doing up.

It’s a real fixer upper but I’m very excited about this new project, no doubt with quite a few blogs along the way of progress and ideas. Obviously 6 month old Florence won’t be playing with it for a long while so I have plenty of time to tinker away at it. I’m thinking I want it to be part orla/cath kidston, part quirky craft Britannia (is that a style? it is now), part model replica of aspects of our own decor (same artwork/photos etc).

So many ideas on Pinterest-

Love these bookshelf doll’s houses, awesome idea-This house is from the amazing blog (here) of doll’s house maker Julie-
Inside a sewing machine case? Genius.
This one made my husband laugh, what’s Han Solo doing in there?!So this is kinda the decor look I’m partly going for-

So here are my official “before photos”-A real craft labour of love, just what we like. Will keep you posted xR


2 thoughts on “#23 Doll’s House DIY: it begins

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