#22 Twinterest craft day: Painted spoons

Ruth, Florence and I got together for a crafting sesh yesterday. We were joined in the afternoon by lovely Leanne, of Flower Canvas fame, and it was a pretty productive day all round!

We’ll be posting the various things we made over the next few days, but I thought I’d kick it off with two things. First, Florence rocking the cowgirl look:

And secondly, painted spoons…

I’ve had these on my pinterest to make board for yonks:

From the very cute Holly Would site

And this version from A Little Bit Funky.

It’s a pretty simple concept: Start off with plain wooden spoons, tape around the handle according to your paint tide mark, paint, take off tape….

Here’s what I had to work with:

Now, I love the colours of the example pins above, but I was fairly limited to the waterproof paints that Colin and I have. Unless these spoons are just for show, you’ll need to use a paint that can handle (hawhaw!) being washed, splashed and dunked. So for me, red and blue it was!!

I decided not to paint my handles as high as the first example, simply because I didn’t like the idea of the paint touching any food, even though it is waterproof. Pretty happy with the results, although there was a teeny bit of bleeding from the paint under the masking tape I used.

This was so easy and I think they look really fun. Would be pretty simple to add stripes and get a little more creative too :)

Holly x


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