#21 Recession busting flat breads

Contrary to what you might think, life is actually not too short to make your own flat breads. Also, as I have now discovered, they taste better and cost less than half the shop bought equivalent.

I was matching a big batch of one of our weekly dinner staples last week, Red lentil Dal by the amazing Happy Herbivore (cheapest, yummiest, freezer-friendliest meal ever), but alas I had forgotten to buy any pita bread for dipping purposes. Hello pinterest and your world of culinary resources. I found this Jamie Oliver flat bread recipe and gave it a go.Success! This was so easy to do, I’m now adding natural yogurt to my weekly shop. Have now made these a couple of times and a half batch suits us perfectly with two each and lunch left-overs. I calculate that each half batch of flat breads costs in the region of 33p (I buy supermarket brand s.raising flour and natural yogurt), where a packet of tortillas is about £1. Brucie Bonus! And they taste good. Here they are mid cooking on my dirty stove-xxRuth


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