#20 Coat hanger craft

{For the wire word- Difficulty: easy-ish/Time: longer than you’d think but a perfect tv watching craft/Materials:Wire + wool + brute strength}

So the following pin has been on my craft board for ages, but I never got round to making it. A perfect example of the reason this blog was formed! How cute/simple is this?

So for a little (5th) wedding anniversary inspired craft I finally made my own version. Coathanger + wool = easy…well, easy-ish as the wire was surprisingly hard to bend. Husband patiently bent it for me and put up with my font style suggestions. Kind of nice to do a little craft teamwork.

Here it is on the mantle-

Well, then I found myself with another wire coat hanger in need of some woolly grand designs. I wanted something for Florence to look at during nappy changing time as she is getting a little wriggly. There are some amazing mobiles on pinterest:

I really like the doily idea, and this butterfly one from kikicreates.com. Then I saw this raindrop pin and my searching was over. 

I was feeling too lazy to crochet a cloud, plus I had the aforementioned coat hanger ready for action. A quick google search for “crochet raindrop”, wire bending husband back in action, a sun invented during Downton Abbey and we’re away.

Here’s F checking out the new mobile-

And here’s Mr Carson-

xx Lady R


6 thoughts on “#20 Coat hanger craft

  1. These are all so pretty! I might have to try that wire+wool thing; it’s neat and easy and cheap, but classy, decor!

    The mobile is really cute too (the baby in the picture may increase my perception of how cute it is)!

  2. Love the mobile you made for Flo – looks like she loves it too!
    I started making one of the coat hanger things last night too – yours looks a lot more professional than mine! I wasn’t as willing (and neither was Mark) to spend the time getting the fonts perfect :) It ended up having lots of kinks, but I think layering it up with wool will even those out a bit.
    Loving your blog – great inspiration xx

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