#19 Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

Ruth and I have a bit of a thing for Salt &Vinegar chips/crisps. And by “thing”, I mean they’re the only flavour of crisps we really eat, kind of thing. Maybe a lot of salt ingested in utero? Cos we’re a bit obsessed…

So anyway, when I saw this photo of DIY Salt and Vinegar potatoes on Pinterest, I knew it was a pin I definitely had to try:

Now, before I show you the pic of my attempt at this yum-fest, my disclaimer is that a) I wasn’t using fancy “fingerling” potatoes, whatever they are, and b) my “broiler” (read: grill in my oven) let out some rather theatrical smoke when I turned it on, so I didn’t quuuite follow the instructions below to a T….

I ended up essentially baking my potatoes with the rack very close to the element, which means they did cook but not in the same intense way as broiling/grilling would have achieved. They’re weren’t super crunchy, but instead were a bit of a salty and vinegary sog-fest. But a yum one! They were pretty tangy and moreish – doing these again for shiz, but hopefully with a more functional grill.

Here’s how to make ’em, from Umami Girl:


Adapted from Martha Stewart Living, June, 2009. Cooked in 2 cups of vinegar, the potatoes taste very tangy (which some people love). For a milder version, try one cup white or malt vinegar and one cup water.
serves 4

1 pound fingerling potatoes, sliced lengthwise to 1/4-inch thickness
2 cups white or malt vinegar
Olive oil

1. In a small pot, combine the potato slices and vinegar. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer until fork-tender, about 8 minutes. Let cool in liquid for 30 minutes. Then drain well and pat potatoes dry with paper towels.

2. Preheat the broiler with a rack about 6 inches below the heat source. Dump the potato slices onto a sheet pan, sprinkle very generously with olive oil, salt and pepper, and toss to coat. Arrange the potato slices in a single layer. Broil until lightly browned on top, about 7 minutes. Then flip the slices and broil until the underside is lightly browned, about 5 minutes more. Serve warm.

Just as a p.s., Pinterest has become a bit of a recipe go-to for me – heaps of nice (looking) things on there; from healthy vege feasts, to the board I have almost entirely filled with peanut butter + chocolate combo recipes…

Holly x


2 thoughts on “#19 Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

  1. Those look great! I never used to like salt and vinegar chips, but I have recently become obsessed with them. Which is not necessarily a good thing. I will have to try the baked version!

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