#18 Turquoise & Gold Stone Nails

So, after saying I wasn’t really a nail person, I found myself at Boots earlier this week juggling a handful of different coloured polishes. Given my knack for phases, I went for the cheapest option in colours (Barry M) but decided to invest in a more expensive (therefore hopefully better!) topcoat.

First new venture into the non-red and blush coloured world: The Turquoise & Gold Stone Nails.

I stole this idea from The Beauty Department, via Pinterest, and the instructions they give are as follows:

  1. Start by painting your base with a nice shade of turquoise.
  2. Next, take a small plastic bag or plastic wrapper and crinkle it up. Hold most of it of it in your palm and make a “flower-y” shape with the rest as you see in the photo above. You’ll use this like a stamp.
  3. Paint some of your gold polish on the plastic. Doesn’t matter how you paint it on or where.
  4. Note: Dab the plastic bag/wrap on a piece of paper once or twice before you start to remove the excess polish. Now dab it on your finger. Then do the next finger. You’ll need to re-apply gold polish to the plastic bag every couple fingers.
  5. After you finish dabbing the gold on each finger, clean up the edges with nail polish remover and a paint brush.
  6. Add a clear top coat, and you’re all set!

Mine turned out a little more golden than TBD example, but I’m tres happy with the result!

(Sorry that one’s a little blurry – Ruth was trying to take the photo while Florence wriggled in my lap…)

Holly x


2 thoughts on “#18 Turquoise & Gold Stone Nails

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