Guest Pinnage – Flower Canvas!

My lovely crafty BFF-ty Leanne is a dab hand with all manner of crafts, but I feel her forte is the canvas. She has done some real beautys in her time, including this one which she gave to me and Col as a wedding gift:

Recently Leanne went more flower-power for a pressie for her Mum. The original flower canvas pin which inspired Leanne came from this site (includes instructions). Here’s one they prepared earlier:

And here’s Leanne’s lovely version:

I’m loving the colour choices in Leanne’s one. Here are some other interpretations, a la Pinterest:

Pretty effective looking considering it’s a very simple idea! You do have to cut out a lot of petals though….(lazy crafter alert!) Keep up the canvasy work, love!!

Holly x


6 thoughts on “Guest Pinnage – Flower Canvas!

  1. The time is more in the positioning (let’s face it, random placement is never really random is it) and sticking than the cutting, but other than that, this really is about as simple-but-effective as it comes. I used Pritt Stick was a bit of a pain in the bum, but I recently discovered spray Bostik which was a bit of a dream, and I reckon it would make this easier.

      • Definitely spray them all then arrange! You have to leave it a while to get sticky so that’d work I reckon (although I tries this approach recently with some words cut out of paper and it got tricky/sticky with them sticking to the paper I sprayed them on / my hands / everything… I reckon with this, the bigger the petals the better for the Bostik method!) x

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