#17 Daily Bread

Bread making is a bit like long distance running, it seems daunting but is so satisfying and therapeutic once you get the hang of it! I had some special guests last week in the form of my NCT girls so some special bread was in order. ImageThe house smelt so good as it cooled on the oven. Along with a ciabatta I made some sundried tomato dough (recipe here via pinterest, although I added parmesan instead of basil) with the intention of attempting a 8 strand braided loaf as per TGB Bake off bread episode. ImageThat is most certainly not my loaf as my word it was quite tricky, especially with a baby on the hip, and looked a mess so I looked to pinterest for inspiration and the wreath loaf was born. This meant a much simpler 3 stranded braid which you then loop round to form a wreath. Image I’m inspired to try some different variations like these beauties below..and I promise next time I’ll take a photo of any disaster braiding attempts!Image




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