#16 Ombre thoughts

Do not under any circumstance put the search line “ombre cake” into pinterest- your mind will explode with the amazingness of other people’s cakes!!! Here are some:

A couple of years ago I made this birthday cake for my friend Sabine- what a mission, but what a surprise inside:So anyway, yesterday I wanted to make Queen Mary Berry’s Coffee and Walnut battenburg cake (from last seasons Great British Bake Off (Paul Hollywood *love*), but in four layers instead of the traditional checkerboard  pattern

Instead of one half of the mix vanilla, one half coffee and walnut, I divided the mix into four with varying strength coffee over 3 of the layers for colour variation. The result is quite subtle but tasted awesome. Looking forward to the next excuse for an ombre adventure. xxR


5 thoughts on “#16 Ombre thoughts

  1. I had never even heard of an Ombre cake before I saw it here but was totally inspired to make one. It seemed a bit gluttonous to make one for myself (especially since hubby was away at the time) so I waited until I could make one for Mum’s birthday. I loved your idea using coffee for the flavour and colour variations, Ruth, as I am not a fan of food colouring but as everyting I make has to be toddler friendly I made only one tier coffee and the other two in vanilla and chocolate. I iced it in buttercream roses and although it was my first time ever trying it and my technique needs a lot of work I am extremely proud of the result! I have photos if you want to see but have no idea how to share them with you… Keep up the inspiring work, I’m loving it!

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