#15 Little House on the Pincushion

Time: 1 hour / Difficulty: Easyish / Materials: Sewing machine, fabric, foam/something to stuff cushion with, pins!

Now that the spare room is decreasingly filled with left-over wedding alcohol, it’s slowly transforming into my sewing room, and so I’m actually doing some sewing – whoop! The other day I was doing a little alteration of a wonder woman outfit, as you do, and realised I didn’t have anywhere to stick my pins. Not sure how I’ve managed to survive this long without a proper pincushion, but something had to be done about it, otherwise I inevitably sweep them onto the floor by accident and my barefeet become a makeshift pincushion.

Pincushions come in a variety of forms, from tres simple to fancy, and I guess I could have gone for simple and sweet:

By why go simple when you can go a little kookier??

Now, I genuinely love that guy, but struggled to see how I could turn the only little animal I have in the house (a lil ceramic deer that I love and Colin loathes) into a pincushion, so decided I’d have to give up that dream.

Instead I came across this sweet little idea, a house pincushion.

(Also saw this one, but I didn’t have that much spare time!!)

I went for a slightly simpler approach, using some foam from an unwanted squab, and some old quilting fabric. I tried to strategically place the fabric so I didn’t need to do any embroidery to make it interesting (again, not that much spare time!) and voila!

He’s not prefect, but he does the job well, and has already helped me make some cute little baby shoes, which I’ll post about sometime soon. Need to re-do one of them, unless I can find a kid with one 0-3 months foot, and one 3-6 months…oops!

Holly x


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