#14 Florrie’s room

Oh my, there are some cuuuute baby room ideas on Pinterest:

Although F was booted out of our room at 4 weeks old (too much nocturnal snuffling!) her room hasn’t exactly been the nursery of my dreams so far. Sadly I have big ideas with a rather small budget but I think it’s looking pretty cute…and has cost hardly a thing- bonus!

The cot- One of my former colleagues offered this up as a freebie, it was originally a kermit the green colour and rather mouldy after sitting in storage…nothing a lick of paint and some emma bridgewater inspiration can’t fix!

Oh how’s this for a future cot upcycling idea!

Sorry, distracted by pinterest. Again. Where was I? So I had a look on pin for some baby canvas ideas, cute but not quite DIY-able.

Inspired by a gorgeous canvas Holly’s bestie Leanne did I commisioned Holly to sketch up some nice fonts for me to copy, a lick of paint and some sharpee action during the Paralympics closing ceremony later and voila:

As soon as I saw this framed button art on pinterest I couldn’t wait to make it for Florrie. Here’s the pin version-And mine. You can’t go wrong really…unless you don’t have a frame or any buttons (or a button phobia like my husband *weirdo*)-

Rabbit light was a gift from my spectacular friend Elianna from notonthehightstreet.com, and super cute shoes from my Next addict friend Mel! After I made the twine wreath (lace flowers made by my amazing friend Leanne for her stunning crafty wedding- blog here) and bunting (paper doilies+yet more twine) I found some pretty similar ones on pinterest:

LOVE these wreaths:

So here it all is. But inspiration is everywhere so I’m sure there’ll be another Florrie’s room post before long!



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