#12 Polkadot Nails

Continuing my run of nails-whilst-paralympicsing, I decided to try something new whilst watching the GB victory parade today. So many incredible and inspiring athletes…tears and nail polish combine!!

Saw some pretty cute variations on polkadot nails on ye olde Pinterest, and it seemed a little more within my skill range than the tie dyed nails of yore.

I decided to keep it simple and just stick with one colour. And since I haven’t acquired any new polishes since my tie dye attempt, red it was! I initally used a light creamy/blush colour as an unndercoat, then dipped a pin head into some red paint, dotting it on each nail. At first this produced quite big dots, as there was a good amount of polish on the pin, but after a few dots they would get progressively smaller.

I’m guessing that’s what has happened in the pic above, but that gal was slightly more adventurous with her colours! After I was finished with the red dots, I let my nails dry and then did another top coat of the cream/blush. This was partly because they looked slightly Minnie Mouse-ish, and Colin was being polite about how much he liked/disliked them!

So here you are – the finished product!!

Seen a few other ideas that I really want to try, now that I’m getting into the swing of things. This one from the beauty department will hopefully be next!

Holly x


2 thoughts on “#12 Polkadot Nails

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