#9 Tie Dye Nails

Difficulty: Tricky-ish / Time: 1hour / Materials: Bowl, several polishes, remover, heaps of cotton buds, Paralympic excitement

Never really been a nails person before – always seemed like too much faff just to get chipped/smudged! I do like the feel of nice nails though, and after my newspaper nails triumph I thought I’d try another technique.

Pinterest is full of amazing looking nails, like these:

There are also a bunch of hideous ones that I am defo steering clear of! I saw several versions of tie dye nails, and it looked a tad tricky, but I thought I’d give it a go! Here’s a pin which shows the different steps:

Oh, sorry is that a bit small? Click on the link above to see it in real scale.

Had a little hunt in the cupboards and realised my colour selection was a bit weak, so I had to go for the trifecta of blush, peach and red. Started off by dripping the colours into a small bowl as instructed and combining a bit with a toothpick:

Then dipped my nails in one by one. The instructions said to tape around your nails first and I FOOLISHLY did not do so. Partly because I wasn’t sure what type of tape, mainly out of laziness. When you finish dipping your nails, it looks a bit like something out of a Z-grade horror movie:

It was then that I realised how stupid I’d been not to tape my nails! How to clean off all the excess polish without disturbing my tie dye?! Thankfully I had the Paralympics on in the background so the v tedious task of tiptoeing around each nail with a cotton bud was made bearable.

I decided to reserve judgement until I had them all cleaned up, as at first they just looked downright hideous! Once I had them all sorted, I decided that 50% of my nails looked pretty good/ok. Here’s the end result!

Ready for my close ups:

As you can see, my skin is still pretty red, but that should come off easily once I’ve washed last night’s dinner dishes :P

If I was going to attempt this again, I would:

– definitely tape the skin around my nails

-probably not use red. All of the other versions I’ve liked on Pinterest use less blood-esqe colours, and I think that may be a good move!

– use more polish! I was stingy and didn’t drip enough in the bowl, which meant some nails were not coated well enough, or turned out mainly red, instead of a mix of all the colours.

If anyone else has ever tried this style, let me know how you got on!!

Holly x


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