#5 Heart Art

Difficulty: easy peasy / Time: < 1 hour / Materials: Paper, scissors, adhesive, a wall/frame.

There’s quite a bit of cute paper heart related craft on pinterest, most of which elicits a “that’s cute and so easy” type response. A friend of Holly’s gave me some old music sheets and I was originally going to do some framed hearts like this one


But with no frame to hand, and a blank bedroom wall needing to be filled, I found this pin to try instead (original idea on website can be found found here). This one uses folded paper behind the hearts to give them a 3D effect which looks fab…but I was doing this on a late night chocolate fueled craftspree so corners were being cut.


So here’s mine:


I used a cookie cutter as the heart template and adhesive tape on the back of the hearts to attach them to the wall. It’s about as strong as sticking a post-it note on so shouldn’t damage the paint at all.

Musical husband was happy that the music was cut in the order of the song, key signatures, quavers etc. Whatever, hope you like it!


xx Ruth


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