Guest Pinnage! – Crayon Art

Having posted about our little blog project on fb earlier today, it was pretty exciting to get some replies quick smart from other people trying their hand at crafty projects!

Col and my friend Sian emailed me some crayon art she did and I thought it was the perfect way to kick off what I hope will be the first of many guest posts. If anyone else has any pinterest success stories (or fail stories, let’s face it sometimes!), please do let us know and we’d love to share them!


I’ve just had a quick look on Pinterest to see what the potential inspiration might have been for Sian’s crayon art. There are a bunch of melted crayon intrepretations. Like this:

Or this one:

And here is Sian’s very cool version:

So good! According to Sian, it’s dead easy…

“You just melt the crayons with a hairdryer and fashion something out of card to cover the umbrella. Also, people did it with green crayons and put it upside down and added flowers which is cool. Took an hour by the time I’d cut the people out, stuck the bits on and done the melting. Maybe 90 mins tops, and costs a tenner for all the resources”.

Sian also sent a link to this heart version from seller TheNiftyHippies:

Next project, Sian??

Thanks for emailing this to me! I think it’s awesome – keep ’em coming!

Holly x


3 thoughts on “Guest Pinnage! – Crayon Art

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