#4 Paint-chip Art

Difficulty: Easy / Time: coupla hours / Stuff: Frame, Paint chips, Glue, Scissors

I’ve seen a ton of different paint chip ideas on Pinterest, and since we had so many different paint chips after doing the house, I thought I really should put them to good use. Plus, we had one rather large wall with nothing on it! So I found a couple of ideas I liked, but then decided just to do my own thing.

So here’s a couple of versions via Pinterest:

And here’s my version. Pretty different, partly because I couldn’t be bothered to cut out all the triangles I would have needed to cover the whole thing!

And here is it in it’s new home on our lounge wall:

This project was pretty satisfying in that I found the frame on the side of the road, and the paint chips were obviously free, so was an all-round cheap little venture! I don’t absolutely love it, tbh, and even looking back at the Pinterest ones I like them better, but it was a nice way to use up something I’d had lying around, and I can always do it again if we ever do more painting!!

Holly x


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